take 2: pre-surgery shopping list.

courtesy of our incredible encounter the other day at work – when our Very Glam meeting turned suddenly from business to the business of surgery and recovery from in the MOST helpful and direct way – another pre-surgery shopping prep list.

we thought this might well be  helpful to other humans going through the “oh my god we are human and requires surgery” shock/horror/learning opportunity.

isn’t she amazing*?


2. Critical that you purchase bottles yes bottles of Hibiclens -(It is a preoperative skin cleanser should have at DR on 57th) –  proceeding surgery and most definitely the day of to around neck area and remember your arms and hands will have IV drip so more prone to infection. SERIOUSLY.  AND KEEP ON HAND AT HOME AND IN THE HOSPITAL.  Make sure you don’t have a reaction and check with your Dr. first –    And, make sure when people come to your room/home that they use it too.

Hospitals are magnets for germs and infection and while they will prepare the area before surgery, the more you do before and after the better the protection.  – you can get infections in areas that are not in the area of the surgery. 

http://www.hospitalinfection.org/protectyourself.shtml – – make sure whomever will accompany has this info too.

– Biotene is fantastic for dry mouth w/ swabs – we used this constantly and the blue or yellow bottle they give you is useless and nasty.

–  Sterile water comes in aerosol canisters (also at DR) for wound care – fantastic and easier to manage vs. bottles of water with dressing – We had tub (dressing, tape, sterile water, alcohol swabs) set up at home and in the hospital so that all of the required needs where at the ready. vs. searching. The person who comes and leaves with you should make sure you have a list of all of your needs so everything is at the ready.

– Make sure nurse writes down your med schedule so you are not left to remember. And, line up pharmacy in neighborhood too.

Not sure where you live but DR at 82 and Lex is fantastic and Mr. Brown and Eunice Lee manage the pharmacy and its beyond Divine. It’s like a small town pharmacy in NYC, they deliver, and there is not time when sick to stand in line and deal with drama. – If convenient, I will walk you in and make personal introductions.  Plus they are smart and will question something that is not right.

– Buy box of gloves for home use – clear and no powder

– Buy a canister of Chlorox at DR wipes for your bathroom in hospital – housekeeping is not always the best even in private rooms.

3. Check with your Dr about food as not sure with your type of surgery what you will feel like eating but make sure you have ample supply at home and perhaps order a poland springs cooler so you have sterile water (hot and cold) on premise plus have take-out menus that work at the ready.

4. Ask in your ever polite English way for extra footie socks which they will give you in your kit at the hospital – this way you can toss when dirty and have w/ your slippers

5. Have pad and paper by your bedside so you don’t have to talk

6. Just bring light waffle robe vs. nightclothes so you can change in their stuff and – no laundry or big load to go home – It’s only in the movies that people look sexy sick – and in bed.

7. Ask in advance if your room has a safe and just bring cash (< 100) and (1) credit card vs. wallet. – You can’t manage security and your well-being.

8. Cheap white (can’t have dye) wash cloths for home – Lintner’s on 86th street has great quality and cheap so you can toss if required. –  And finally,

9. Check with your Dr. to see if you will need ice or heating packs for home so you have that too.

*we were so moved by this list and the beautiful responses we’ve been getting that we had to take a moment by the view over the Hudson and, you know, have a little cry. 


it helps.


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