oatmeal and old hollywood gossip at nate’ n al

good morning darlings – from the Other Coast.

always good to start the day at nate’ n al – where, a few years ago, we were here for a hollywood business breakfast meeting over denver omelet and plentyofcoffee and it was the morning of the Academy Awards and all the lovely waitresses of a uncertain age were decked out by Harry Winston in celebration of the Oscars – isn’t that darling! as little debbie reynolds might have said………

GLORIAous to be here.

slept beautifully after a gathering of friends by candlelight by the lake-of-silver to catch up and slip into the L.A. vibe – all elegant-yet-slouchy in flip flops and a loose celestial blue pashmina around the team gloria lightly bronzed (a bit of beijing sunshine and yet mostly jergens firming if you know what we mean ;) shoulders.

drive, baby – off to disney (yes, we’ll take a sneaky pix on the lot if we don’t get caught!)

later, dude.

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