blog crush: my dog-eared pages

so we have a SERIOUS new blog crush on my dog-eared pages. 

team gloria SWOONED at all the mentions of patmos, tom ford, vintage vogues and dreamy fabric samples from pucci – divine.

do visit barbara over at her blog: and do tell her that team gloria says a big sunny hello from over here, darlings!

8 thoughts on “blog crush: my dog-eared pages

    1. In the rain?

      gumboots and macintoshes please…….

      and a large pot of earl grey and crumpets with butter (alas not for us) on your return.

      talk later on the Princess Phone!

  1. I am very happy to count Barbara’s blog as one of my very favorites…always written with an artistic voice, authentically and from her unique perspective. Congrats! xo tamara

  2. There is not enough space to write how much I admire and respect Barbara. It seems as though we connected from the start, and she has always educated, enticed and entertained me with her marvelous writing, and her much cherished friendship. She has been one of my biggest champions; take all those parts and they equal one friend worth their weight in gold. I love your passion behind your blog Gloria. So many talented people out there, I feel like the tip of the iceberg has barely been discovered. Go team Gloria!

    1. welcome lovely person!

      we adore your blog too – just had a quick look before we do that get-into-the-day-job-outfit :-)

      this bit in particular: ” I love roasted almonds, clean sheets and old movies.” we do too. how nice of you to drop by. do come again!

      all the best, in admiration of the finer things in life – team gloria_

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