going back to moleskine #1.

team gloria is engaging on a personal treasure hunt this morning……………..

going back to moleskine #1 (april 2003).

attempting to trace a storyline back.

going to tell the truth.

before we create fiction.

one HAS to use what one has experienced, non?

otherwise it would all be too much.

you know the saying? writers live twice?

better brew a second pot of coffee before digging in…………..

8 thoughts on “going back to moleskine #1.

  1. You have started something here. I opened up my old diary file which I haven’t looked at for years, and have been reading aghast highlights from the 90’s and 00’s. I am so glad my life isn’t like that anymore. And you and I seemd to be always meet in Freedom. Sex drugs and rock and roll, and a lot of ciggies and a lot of drink. Oh the gratitude to be quietly enjoying one’s 40’s with all that simply a memory.

    1. Darling we are SO touched that we featured so in your early work! Sadly (or not – ahem) we are relieved we destroyed every piece of evidence (apart from the stuff we were paid to write and got published – how did we write even a LIPSTICK review and mention naughtiness and revelry – dear gods)

      You, of course, play a lovely cameo in a short story we re-edited fairly recently about those far-off days (which, we fear, was somewhat too too much for the competition judges back in Blighty as we’ve not received our prize – sigh :(

  2. Well, *that’s* tantalizing and terrifying both! Can’t wait to hear what your historical spelunking unearths! xxx from lovely Gloucester, MA

    1. gosh – we *were* surprised to see a comment so early in the day and so utterly *thrilled* that it’s you :)

      hope you are having a simply marvelous hols.

      …………………Slightly depressed and exhilarated in equal measure that all we have uncovered is fear and panic at the US embassy waiting for new visa, eating treacle pudding (oh dear) and re-reading thomas hardy, postcards from the edge (bizarre due to personal circumstances and actually having met CF by that time in L.A.) and riding shotgun across clapham common in a vintage bottle green MG (v g company).

      tired already ;)

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