tea at the st regis and sanity returns.

team gloria had a most dispiriting and somewhat challenging experience at the day job (apart from a most engaging hour with the wonderful KR, resplendent in navy and wreathed in smiles) so – before our 6PM meeting, we walked through the soupy humidity and 90 degree heat to one of our most favorite/favourite places for tea – the St Regis.

we once had a delicious pot of tea here with a lady editor who had worked with the greats of the mid-Sixties onwards (we never divulge talent and their tales) but suffice it to say we BEGGED her to write her memoirs……………….


and she had the most beautiful bouffant set blonde curls.

we did make a picture.

by the way, the lighting is so terribly KIND here we do appreciate that.

do say something - do :-)

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