please don’t eat the daisies, doris.




it’s going to be a movie night chez team gloria’s – with our absolute peach of a fragrant and quite naughty-at-times star – DORIS! (as in Day. although we think Doris Kenyon is dreamy too.)

we need something from you………….if you’d be so kind……….would you send a list of YOUR favorite/favourite movies, darlings? we are compiling a list to purchase (keep it legal, sirs) and watch while we – you know… RECOVER with-a-silk-scarf-around-our-neck (cue small strangled sob and silent movie-esque hands-in-the-air-with-thumbs-pointed-at-dimples – yeah, they came back….we’ve reduced considerably ;-)

4 thoughts on “please don’t eat the daisies, doris.

  1. My favouritest film is the killing of sister george, followed by Harold and Maude, followed by Entertaining Mr Sloane, followed by The Wicker Man (original version) followed by The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Withnail and I, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Graduate, 9 to 5, Polyester, The Queen, Don’t look now, Postcards from the Edge, Volver, Priscilla, Rosemary’s baby, La Cage Aux Folles, Torch Song Trilogy, Mindnight Cowboy, Brokeback Mountain,……….

    I came up with a new word today – and you may have it as yours. GLORIAous.


    1. dearest W

      one can tell SO much about you from your lists of GLORIAous films ;-)

      am going to rootle through the iTunes and the DVD stacks to add to my cache of special convalescent material.

      you are a joy.


      _tg. xx

  2. All Lubitsch (with a soft spot for Trouble in Paradise, Angel, Design for Living, Bluebard’s 8th wife, Cluny Brown)
    All Hitchcock (Vertigo among others but To catch a thief is nice to recovery)
    The Ghost and Mrs Muir
    The Prisoner of Zenda
    The King and I (with Yul Brynner)
    Casino Royal (to LOL)
    What’s new pussycat (to LOL)
    And if you can find these with subtitles:
    La nuit américaine (François Truffaut)
    La Kermesse Héroïque (Jacques Feyder)
    From Sacha Guitry:
    Bonne Chance!
    Le Roman d’un tricheur
    Ils étaient neuf célibataires
    La Poison
    Assassins et voleurs
    and “Madame de…” from Max Ophuls

    All should help to keep things going well.

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