scrapbooking (in a Cecil Beaton way) danny la rue and meg ryan

whenever team gloria feels a bit freaked out, we scrapbook.

not in that martha-stewart-special-satiny-pens-and-stuck-on-flower-decals-midwest-momma-way.

although there’s nothing wrong with that. we’d love to be in a cozy kitchen outside michigan with some ladies from the local coffee klatch talking about school gossip and what-doreen-did-last-night.

rather than eating raw vegetables (yeah, the greek salad/jet lag meal again), reducing, and mentally steeling ourselves for another day in the sniper zone of midtown manhattan.

William and Danny La Rue sent us a DELICIOUS card.

which completely deserved its own fresh page.

you see we have scrapbooks galore.

two a year, on average, since Feb 1998. an auspicious date in the team gloria calendar.

they are a way to not only record but look back at marvel at where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and who we’ve met……………

like meg ryan yesterday*

*she was walking towards us on houston and sullivan in soho with that unmistakable jaunty loping walk, head to toe in black, cute round dark glasses and a cap. sort of japanese combat chic.

we smiled. and so did she.

we rock, seriously.


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