the weather disrupted the planned croquet on the lawn

Although the weather disrupted the planned croquet on the lawn, it certainly did not dampen spirits at the Head Master’s Garden Party…

as you know, team gloria is currently in CHINA.

so we were tickled pink to get the newsletter (so clever, by digital means, an “e-newsletter”) from our old school (as in high school for our american friends OR the land of cold showers, hockey on the top pitch in freezing cold michaelmas term and latin for prep to our Brit chums).

team gloria is “of an age” that the old school sends letters which read:

would you join the headmaster for tea on his visit to new york?

we giggled massively at that one.

why yes!

we said.

and then got a horrid shock upon entering the hotel lobby to realize we were virtually the same age AS the headmaster.

he is terribly youthful, we had to admit, thank god.

btw, the old school association has updated its “website” (so modern) and done a “tag cloud” (almost TOO modern) and, sadly, the most popular tags include not only:

the headmaster’s garden party         events        gallery       rugby


deaths and obituaries



on the plus side, the old school’s new site is also providing an “ecommerce service” (stop!) and we COULD buy the old school scarf…..

isn’t it lovely the way it is draped over what looks like a cricket stump? perhaps while the owner has dashed off to grab tea and strawberries like a ripping chap for his parents visiting from Hong Kong (“father is in banking and has a terrible gambling habit, mother does a lovely line in importing silks – so enterprising and necessary so they don’t lose the house – doesn’t she look well? almost radiant, one would say, Diana!”)?

however, the color/colour scheme bugged us at the age of sixteen and we never looked good in navy and burgundy, despite the light-bouncing-like-a-string-of-pearls thin white stripe. and they aren’t offering the bulky socks that made our poor teenage calves look so CHUNKY.


not such happy memories.

on the plus side – we can wear what we want these days. so it’s the patent leather doctor martens and a very beautiful cerulean blue scarf from shanghai tang to get into the whole Orient theme. or not really theme, as it IS the Orient, one presumes.

or the future of the world’s economy.

which is why we’re here in the first place ;-)

nihao, darlings.


2 thoughts on “the weather disrupted the planned croquet on the lawn

  1. Your outfit sounds divine. Get the scarf. I love my UCL scarf purple with sky blue stripe. I didn’t want one when I was at university – how uncool. But now I am old and uncool – I love it :) xxx

    1. but my darling a sky blue stripe is utterly PERFECT for you – especially with that gorgeous “barbe” you are now sporting…..we’ve never done well with burgundy – either liquid or in mixed wool blend;-)

      rushing off to day meetings now – thanks ever so much for stopping by – giving you a little chinese squeeze from abroad.

      _tg. x

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