an early sunday morning walk through london

been up since 5 AM.

no earthly (or, for that matter earthy, which was the almost Freudian spelling we first used – thank goodness for “preview mode”) explanation as to why – and no alarm, neither.

will post photographs later from our rather long walk from the strand (anglo saxon for “beach” apparently – no sand there now ;) east to the City (across waterloo bridge and back north across blackfriars) then west again – past inns of court (ah, the establishment still lives here tis true) and through covent garden, past Vogue house (not a Voguette to be seen at such an early hour, sadly) and then cross over to Claridges (oh, yes, we most definitely have photographs of our ruby red grapefuit segments and granary toast for your viewing pleasure later).

now to brunch. with someone terribly clever that we have known nigh on twenty years (how is this possible?!) – delicious.

anecdotes of the past year to share gathering in team gloria’s jet lag yet jet-set head………..hmmm……where do we start? it’s been interesting to note the differences between american (disbelief/denial), continental european (tearful/embracing the pain) and british (morbid quite wicked fascination) to the disclosure of TOBIAS and his sisters and their Sept 9th surgery date.


5 thoughts on “an early sunday morning walk through london

  1. I love early morning London. The city waking up is one of my favourite rare treats.

    Loving you from Switzerland xx

    1. dearest W

      got your postcard but we are waiting until back on mac to view it properly – sending you love from a very tired and collapsed-in-back-of-NY-yellow-cab en route for chez nous.


  2. And here, I imagined you emerging from the Savoy in something simple and black with a sheer ruffle, 4 inch black heels and black Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses. Gliding into waiting livery and then being whisked off to a Sunday brunch at the Dorchester in Mayfair. The reality is a pair of very comfortable walking shoes and something freeing casual.

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