when in doubt, les deux magots

if you were here now, we’d spend the afternoon talking over the state of the world, les annees folle, Godard et les troubles de monsieur galliano.

wouldn’t it be delicious?

we’re having the salade deux magots, perrier – et apres, a rather large cafe creme.


leaving for england in a few hours. our (day job) work is done in continental europe. we’re not sure we’re any more enlightened about the task(s) ahead – but we assure you we were utterly charming throughout the whole process ;)

4 thoughts on “when in doubt, les deux magots

    1. it was lovely, tis true.

      better for hols – or some ridiculously wrong and yet romantic entanglement – as opposed to business trips – but still – yes – it was PARIS!

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