what not to say #2.

team gloria woke up to the sound of trains and just KNEW they were italian. and they were. but so horribly close to the hotel ;-)

after a deliciously simple breakfast and a cursory reading of the WSJ european edition (hmmm, the world of finance and big business seems to be heading for the hills, no?) we took a walk and found a beautiful church, a small row of shops – a cafe, a newsagent and a fruit stand – yes, we’re going to be there in a few moments enjoying some downtime before an afternoon and evening of (day job) work.

btw, what NOT to say #2: the amount of people who’ve emailed team gloria and said:

“they don’t think it’s serious if the surgery isn’t until september 9th”

have caused us to wrinkle up our noses in pain and shudder silently at the unthinking hurt they cause.

so we respond:

it was the first available surgery date.

and try to move on with our day in milano, darlings.

photographs later, we promise.




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