team gloria just had the MOST enchanting afternoon in madrid with the feisty beauty/Diana the goddess-like, Lola* (well, we’re going to call her Lola to protect the anonymity of Talent and glamour and let Talent and glamour tell her own story* – SOON please!) and her equally glorious sister Thalia (also not her real name but the name of a Muse and so very appropriate) – we walked around the Prado as a threesome in pursuit of the soul-soothing (and jet-lag wilted team gloria) ART:

show us the most important pieces in Spain

we said.

and now we have collapsed with joy in a dark curtained cafe, away from the heat, with an ice-cold shot of caffeine, having been utterly satisfied by the incredible works of velazquez and goya……..and this delightful coquette in a anteroom as we exited just peeking out from a sly corner…….who is she? no sign to be found at first glance as we hurried out into the dry heat……an apparition?

*fact about Lola – she is known for her vivacious wit and persistence which enabled her to become the first woman to join the most old-fashioned and establishment of gentlemen’s private club.

reminds us of the Charlie ad. will dig out a link and post.

btw, the streets are full of happy protesters, their arms around each other, wending their way home, drunk on democracy. fabulous.

2 thoughts on “prado

    1. Oh! Thank you dZ.

      Sadly we have been blithely unaware of bursting our data charges uploading such images until a little call and an urgent text alerted us.


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