september 9th.

so team gloria has a date for the surgery –

september 9th –

and the rather hideous diagnosis of:

“thirty percent chance of cancer”

and – shocking –

we have three tumors/tumours, not just tobias.

this isn’t the realm of the unwell – it’s a veritable breeding machine inside our throat.

the plus side (we live in the USA these days, there has to be a plus side, people) is we’ve finished a photography book (called “how to stay sane in a crazy world” – yes, we are an expert on THAT, darlings) and someone tremendously important and experienced has agreed to be our agent.

to sum up:

team gloria has tumors/tumours – but we have an agent.

welcome to America.


19 thoughts on “september 9th.

  1. Well, that’s just no fucking good at all. Your calling it Tobias and his sisters seems a tad too friendly for the cad (and the cadettes), no? But you’re nice and elegant that way, I suppose. *sigh*

  2. So glad that the triplets can wait ’til teamgloria returns from elegant travels and well earned r & r.
    And the B O O K ….. … there’s obviously no one better qualified to create such a thing, no wonder you’ve an eager agent. Happy landings and lots of wonderful weird-hour reading.
    (and never mind the stiff-upper-lip from time to time)
    much love

    1. dearest cheltenham lady – so deliciously thrilled that you dropped in to visit.

      the kettle is on, the scones are warm and plump with sultanas and fragrant with a surprising nip of all spice from india.

  3. Oh my giddy aunt! So September 9th it is, and two more to name, and a book!

    Dahlink! Well thank heavens for Madrid and internationale glamour. I am so sorry to be in Switzerland (sounds a bit glam) when you are in London.

    Big love xxx

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