distracting ourselves with barbara barry.

sometimes (like, for example, an hour and fifteen minutes before one sees the surgeon again to get the results of the “we found something” remark and book a date for surgery) one might just like to be distracted.

when team gloria has such a notion we seek out barbara barry.

her world soothes us in a symphony of barely-repressed crisp linens, seductively silky satin throw pillows, elegant china patterns and the abundance of an aesthetic from the early 1930s – all southern california sunshine, the peek behind a blind, butterscotch ottomans, deep chocolate sofas and chic occasional tables in burnished mirrored finishes with vintage photographs of androgynous bathing beauties in silver frames.

find her here:  now do you see what we mean? delicious. right? we think so. dreamy-sweet and ever so slightly naughty.

do say something - do :-)

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