the night of a thousand judys and one fabulous justin sayre

 it’s a school-night (not that any of us are still schoolgirls….) so forgive the brevity of this post as team gloria should really be tucked up in brooks brothers PJs with a mug of hot (1 per cent, darlings) milk BUT we had to tell you about a new member of the list of glorious people, places and things – justin sayre.

justin is the host of “the meeting” which was held at joe’s pub this evening with the theme of “night of a thousand judys” (we thought judi dench too, but it was garland, keep up, love ;-) and he’s a riot! witty, naughty, beautiful singing voice, delightful baritone when interpreting for the straight people and a generally convivial nightclub (late) 1940s persona that would have gone down so well at the cafe de paris all those eons ago

we took the charming englishman JW with us who thoroughly got into the spirit with his pink drink, we were proud and pleased.

we laughed, we cried (especially after all the tributes and then herself came on – via the miracles of video-on-the-interweb – oh – such talent – such a drastic response to reality – but we get it…), we hummed along quietly in the ballads and (*blush*) even clapped along (NEVER seen before in public) with the more raucous tunes. good lord.


do say something - do :-)

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