meet me by the clock at grand central station

had a tea/meeting, for the day job, with an utterly delightful person whom I do enjoy seeing very much – one of those charming catch ups that has a little work, a little information exchange and then all the delicious important details that make up the fabric of a well-lived life……..glorious people, places and things.

was so enlivened by the experience that team gloria felt like a walk to grand central station to buy glossy magazines, stroll around the concourse, consider a milky rich coffee and admire the throngs of elegantly groomed humans heading back to the land of Connecticut and houses with golden retrievers and large oven ranges and a charming gazebo or two.

wouldn’t it be romantic to arrange to meet someone by the clock, just here?

maybe we will.

we’ll let you know. *blush*

4 thoughts on “meet me by the clock at grand central station

  1. Not long after I graduated High School and before we all went our separate ways to college, three friends (Mary, Maria & Linda) and I vowed to meet at Grand Central in exactly five years at 12 Noon. Unfortunately, we picked the Information Booth on the Upper Level. Meeting under the clock is much more memorable and romantic. The trouble was that after five years, we were flung far across the map and all had day jobs so it didn’t happen. Maybe it would have if we chose the clock instead…

    1. dZ – what a wonderful image – and so poignant.

      what happened to the trio of catholic girls (right? with divinely inspired names like Mary and Maria – Linda could have been a rogue protestant I guess OR maybe Linda went on to embrace the mysticism of the East before settling down in Loma Linda……..)

      everyone has a story.

      not everyone gets to tell it.

  2. *blush* you say?

    Oh I see, like that is it……………

    Intrigue and Romance.

    How glorious x

    1. I was wondering where you were……….almost called and then realized it was the wee hours when once we would have been returning from Duckie ;) not these sophisticated days of matureness lordy no.

      team gloria would much rather meet YOU by the clock than intrigue-and-potential-heartbreak anyday, love….

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