embracing the european lunch concept once more.

when team gloria first saw this advertisement, sometime last summer, we laughed uproariously.

but not now.

15 minute lunchbreaks lead to confused afternoons, acid-y stomach, growly brains not fed by literature for too long a time and a lack of connection.

so today, we’re going to eat properly – white china plate, proper silverware, and read something deeply satisfying. like janet flanner’s “paris was yesterday” (because paris is not-next-wednesday-but-the-one-after for us ;-)

and then, mid-afternoon, we’re going to ask a lovely person (apologies to Ch_f for having to cancel at the last moment on friday!) at work if they’d enjoy the cooler temperature of the park. and perhaps sit here (see pix) and talk about business, inspiration and the travel to glorious lands…..

4 thoughts on “embracing the european lunch concept once more.

  1. That’s it. No more eating at the desk.
    At least I promise to get up and go for a walk around the block.
    Loving you to pieces,

  2. No need for apologies but very thoughtful of you and merci for the shout out :) A brisk, lunchtime promenade and an inspiring chat would hit the spot on such a dreary day!

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