best place to read the european newspapers

in search of spelt bread (sigh – attempting withdrawal) and a quiet place to read the european newspapers –

the italian woman opposite me is reading The Help and I really want to say “oh my god, I cried at the trailer – I’m going to be an emotional wreck at the actual movie” but she’s a real european (not a bizarre mix like team gloria who has lived in many places and has the blood of several nations getting cross with each other in our veins) and she might not know it’s been made into a movie.

or a film to give it the proper expression.

team gloria is off to european shores (or in-land euro-cities) on a business trip for the day job – leaving next saturday. after therapy. we have become a new yorker ;)

must start practicing one’s ennui and elegant yet cruel gaze.

the italian is now talking on the phone. she said she just started reading a book left by a friend.

yes, we speak enough italian to understand. but not to have a culturally relevant moment.

do say something - do :-)

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