sandi toksvig – a great dane (and dame)

am thoroughly enjoying the most recent podcast: “friday night comedy” from BBC Radio 4 hosted by the chortling and terribly smart presenter sandi toksvig (she sounds incredibly english but is actually originally from denmark)

sandi (yes, yes, trivia alert, people….) was in a 1980s TV programme/program in the UK called “Number 73” which featured a motley crew of landlady (toksvig) and her tenants.

am almost convinced that number 73 made it easier for team gloria to adapt to a similar group living arrangement post-university (with – remarkably – someone who ended up being on friday night comedy at one point – i know – spooky ;-)


2 thoughts on “sandi toksvig – a great dane (and dame)

    1. a most excellent response – good lord – ronnie corbett!

      do tell the children how you met danny la rue……i love that one.

      thank you for visiting. i love seeing you here.

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