book fair on crosby (housing works)

ah the delicious frenzy of new yorkers in search of something new and stimulating to read as the long summer hours extend the day into hot nights where there’s nothing to do but cram up against the air conditioner and re-read Capote into the small hours……

2 thoughts on “book fair on crosby (housing works)

  1. William Godwin says:

    I love learning about New York through the eyes of T G. It makes me feel very connected with your beautiful city. Thank you.

    It is raining in London today but yesterday was hot and sunny and spent with friends over lunch and then an afternoon and evening of badinage and merriment in the garden. I didn’t clean anyone’s sunglasses though – some services I reserve for T G only. x

    1. teamgloria says:

      darling william

      i love that you remember the sunglasses (team gloria is totally embarrassed that they were awfully smudgy at that gathering – wasn’t it D’s – ahem – nuptials?)

      team gloria has a fine pair of Jackie O’s from Juicy Couture these days and is very proper about the use of the cloth and mist.

      dreaming of tea at the Savoy. another trip – with you – alas not the upcoming one.

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