somewhere else.

so i had the biopsy in my neck – and it HURT – but the lighting was by far the nicest i’ve ever experienced in a hospital setting (as i said to the very, very kind M-O who came with me today and had the best and brightest Cheltenham Ladies College lets-get-to-it-then! attitude)

which helps.

what would help even more is this:

imagine we were here* (see picture) and it was mid-september and you and i had taken a long walk after evensong (lovely hymns, bishop) and perhaps the bookshop was still open and we found a much loved copy of something light yet comforting and still witty by Nancy Mitford and then took a detour up the lane to find the most perfect tea-shop (can you hear the tinkle of the bell as we enter?) which was deserted apart from us and then the ladies from the choir dropped in for iced buns and hot tea with two sugars before they meandered on home. we sipped our tea in companionable silence. and you didn’t mention the rather red and sore patch on my poor neck from the biopsy. because in this tale, it happened a long time ago. and is now healed. whatever Tobias the tumor turns out to be.


*picture of norwich, england – actually a city – but this bit, near the cathedral, looks like a little english village because once upon a time, it was.

8 thoughts on “somewhere else.

  1. Darling, evensong with you, that would be divine, and in Norwich – I love Norwich.

    Can I recommend as well as a listen to the Archer’s occasionally, that you sometimes catch this as it is so uplifting and makes you feel so English and relaxed, in a cream tea and long summer shadows kind of way :)

    Naughty Tobias – Naughty!

    We love Team Gloria in London. xx

    1. sweet william

      you are terribly kind to bring news of england :)

      and I have to admit I JUST downloaded the Archer’s Omnibus to listen to this evening while languishing prettily in a fragrant bubble bath, by candlelight………

      Tobias looked like a bad hickey (lovebite for my Brit friends) until late morning due to needle biopsy.

      If only ;)

    1. Welcome YOLK!

      Maria – as you know – Yolk is my fav treasure-hunting lair……..I hoard the splendid cards I bought there on the last trip west. As I recall, the cards said:

      I”m so lazy, I don’t even date outside my zipcode



      hot chocolate on me at Lamills!

  2. whatever tobias reveals itself to be, this is exactly how you will get through it–with your shared grace and the love of others.

  3. ….. yes ….. tobias had been put to rest long ago and yes I do hear the cheerful tinkle of the bell and remember the companionable silence. many miraculous moments to contemplate: the beneficence of nice lighting, the whisperings of the muse, the ring of our footfall on the cobbled street…. delightful vignettes shared while finding, with awesome grace, the way to navigate troubling times…

    1. MO! you’re here! how delicious :-)

      you were the best sort of companion for what turned out to be a strange (and long, right?!) experience.

      write that novel, lady.

      i’d read anything you wrote. you’re a great story-teller – most evocative.

      come and visit here again, do! (said in a very british accent)

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