mitford sisters and moleskine journals.

glorious people: something terribly important to team gloria is the word:

————mitford ———–

it sends a tiny little shiver down our spine in a most delicious way ;-)

the mitford sisters were be-bobbed, horribly un-educated (mitford pere didn’t believe in it – for girls) and yet utterly charming, witty and rather smart.

yes – a true inspiration. which is why they decorate the moleskine in the photograph below which was taken on a trip to england (most specifically to bibendum) where we whiled away a most pleasant afternoon writing in a moleskine and sipping a milky coffee.

team gloria is on moleskine number 115 – yes, we have a lot of thoughts worth recording or worth emptying from our befuddled brain – like OW at the prospect of a long needle perforating tobias the tumor at 2pm tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “mitford sisters and moleskine journals.

  1. Your prolificocity (no, not a word, but I don’t care) is truly awe-inspiring, as is your consistent tone in voice and subject. Must be because you are so wholly you. Congratulations. Few people manage to achieve that in life, you know. xx

    1. gosh – stacy – welcome to team gloria!

      (gloria) really is the better side of my personality so terribly happy to let her out to roam most regularly.

      bless you for the yummy comment.

    1. amy

      many blessings upon entering the portal and sacred space of the team gloria-ness :-)

      glad you could join us.

      and thank you. am remembering to breathe (the alternate nostril breathing thingy is rather marvelous for calming one down) and will be present for the 2pm OW experience.

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