crossing paths – paris to 6th avenue

god, i love it when stuff like this happens – when everything is a sign (or not, but who cares, makes life so much more interesting, non?)…….just walked past a very striking individual on 6th avenue and realized the last time I saw this divine androgyne, we were both in Paris.

yes, Paris, France.

it was one of those moments when i thought “my life is truly delicious” (even though it’s been raining). i think it’s been a particularly magical day because i left the island of manhattan. i didn’t go far (williamsburg, when they keep the young people), but it helped shake things up. which is what i needed.

btw, my lovely friend m_P and I had brunch here: at Juliette – all bistro tabac zinc bar, mosaic floors and brooklyn hipster wait staff with occasionally surprising piercings.

2 thoughts on “crossing paths – paris to 6th avenue

  1. It was a delicious Sunday. You know my insatiable curiosity wouldn’t let me go without visiting this site for long…

    Beautiful site and can’t wait to see what’s to come. Can’t wait to read, read, read…

    And, yes, I think we all have to be able to recognize signs.


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