27 hours in ibiza, darlings


we’re about to Fly out again – this time – back to England – then the USA on tuesday……but first, while we have a few moments on the free wifi at the airport – here’s the last 27 hours in ibiza – and wasn’t it divine!

sadly (or rather excitingly, depending on your Opinion), we can’t tell you Where we were (we actually don’t know – there was a driver at the airport with a card and we just slipped into the motor), or Who we were with (because we promised we would not) or what we did – actually we can tell you That – a digital check-up, reading tales to a small person about dinosaurs, talking about school uniforms with other younger (but not quiet as small) people and generally feeling lovely and inspired and helpful and grateful for such Luxury and Beauty all around…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bd7ad452c28511e3b5da0002c9e179ae_8 b5809558c25211e397bd0002c9549ee0_8


About teamgloria

I used to make my living from writing. And then it all stopped and so I went and did something else, part of which entailed a whole new look from Brooks Brothers (it wasn’t really me, but it was necessary). But a decade later I started to write again (during nights and weekends and frustrated lunch-times and long haul business travel) and one of the things I wrote (or came to me – as I do believe in the whole Muse concept) was a character called Gloria. Gloria was a trainee angel and sat “up there” waiting for her first assignment. To occupy the hours she should have been studying humans and their foibles, she spent her time enjoying the new celestial movies-on-demand channel and became obsessed by Doris Day. So you can imagine the drama that unfolded when she came to Earth. Quite a shock to the system. But Gloria was determined to see Manhattan through the eyes of a vintage Doris Day movie and something magical started to happen – to me too. Because I started to do the same thing and life became easier (and then I got Tobias the tumor which changed the trajectory, for now). There are a lot of glorious people, places & things that help me get through my day – they make my life great – and so I call them “team gloria” (although they don’t usually know that). So I thought I’d start documenting them, and looking out for new people, places & things on a daily basis, and sharing them with you (whomever you are – do say hello. Oh, and tell me who your team gloria is :-)
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6 Responses to 27 hours in ibiza, darlings

  1. Aquileana says:

    Superlative photos… Your blog looks great… Best wishes, Aquileana ;)

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  3. Gallivanta says:

    Beautiful and intriguing.

  4. Heather in Arles says:

    For some reason I have fallen behind again on all things internet (for which I apologize) but what a delight to pop on and dive into such beauty. The photo of the light (sunrise?) drifting past the sheer curtain may be one of my new favorite tg’s ever.
    Travel safely!

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