a year ago today: starting to become gloria(ous)


a Very Special day.

a Year Ago – april 9th, 2011 – we published our first Ever post on teamgloria.com………….

we had wanted to write So Badly (that didn’t sound quite right – clearly we wanted to write Very Brilliantly) – we meant we were Desperate to express ourselves using the written word after a Long Time of not doing so, since we became something of a Suit .

the Day Job (shhhh!) came with a Great deal of deeply Interesting Travel to exotic places so we wanted to ‘document’ That.

Many Moons ago, we had paid our way through University by taking Photographs and dearly wanted to start shooting again (and looking to a future of photography books and small-but-beautifully-curated-exhibitions at Staley Wise and Peter Fetterman, please ;)

Oddly enough – on april 9th, 2011 – we Did have Tumors – but we didn’t know until May that There Was A Problem.

In fact, that week – we had Just returned from Washington (yes, we went to That House Of No Hue and yes, the Man himself was there, in the same room (oddly Versailles like to be honest – the decor, not the Leader of the Western World) but as we didn’t shake hands, we cannot say we’ve Met him (although we Have met Debbie Reynolds and Boy George and Sir Ian McKellen and William Shatner and Many Other Most famous personages, darlings) per se.

we had also (under Yet Another pseudonym, blush) had one of our Short Plays performed in NYC (most definitely Off-Broadway, in fact, as we recall, somewhere deep and dive-y and east village-y but Awfully Hip).

so Much has happened in twelve months………

But nothing like what is About to happen ;)

Patience is Not our strongest virtue.

and we just wanted to say how much we Relish (in a lip-smacking, beaming-at-you-way-from-the-sofa-in-SoHo) – yes RELISH – talking to you, while we see everything unfold.

Please keep talking in the comments bit below.

You have No Idea how much we Squeal with excitement and Joy (often on the subway platform, heading to the sniper-fire-of-midtown-manhattan) when we get a little notification that There’s A Comment.

It’s a blog.

So this is most definitely a Shared Experience.

and it is Utterly Delicious.

Thank you for reading.

don’t forget to write (hint).

Love from us at teamgloria, darlings xxxx

About teamgloria

I used to make my living from writing. And then it all stopped and so I went and did something else, part of which entailed a whole new look from Brooks Brothers (it wasn’t really me, but it was necessary). But a decade later I started to write again (during nights and weekends and frustrated lunch-times and long haul business travel) and one of the things I wrote (or came to me – as I do believe in the whole Muse concept) was a character called Gloria. Gloria was a trainee angel and sat “up there” waiting for her first assignment. To occupy the hours she should have been studying humans and their foibles, she spent her time enjoying the new celestial movies-on-demand channel and became obsessed by Doris Day. So you can imagine the drama that unfolded when she came to Earth. Quite a shock to the system. But Gloria was determined to see Manhattan through the eyes of a vintage Doris Day movie and something magical started to happen – to me too. Because I started to do the same thing and life became easier (and then I got Tobias the tumor which changed the trajectory, for now). There are a lot of glorious people, places & things that help me get through my day – they make my life great – and so I call them “team gloria” (although they don’t usually know that). So I thought I’d start documenting them, and looking out for new people, places & things on a daily basis, and sharing them with you (whomever you are – do say hello. Oh, and tell me who your team gloria is :-)
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9 Responses to a year ago today: starting to become gloria(ous)

  1. (I just tried to comment but am not sure that the comment went through). When I first read your blog, I felt as if I had discovered a kindred spirit. I so enjoy reading your posts! I am a native of Smithfield, NC, home of Ava Gardner and barbeque! I love chandeliers, champagne, and the majority of pretty sparkling things as well as creative, genuine people. I also love technology and have held “day jobs” in marketing for technology and life sciences companies for many years. To learn more about me, check out: http://www.about.me/ruthdobsontorres. Also, I blog at: http://www.myshecave.com. I especially appreciate writing that sparkles, and, without doubt, your posts do and are glorious! Keep them coming and thanks for sharing!

  2. When I first discovered your blog, I felt as if I had found a kindred spirit. I so enjoy reading your posts! I’m a native of Smithfield, N.C., home of Ava Gardner and barbeque, and I love chandeliers, champagne, the majority of sparkling pretty things and creative, genuine people. I also like technology and have held marketing “day jobs” for technology and life sciences companies for many years. Check out http://www.about.me/ruthdobsontorres as well as my blog at: http://www.myshecave.com. I especially appreciate writing that sparkles, and, without doubt, your posts do and are glorious! Keep them coming, and thanks for sharing!

    • teamgloria says:


      We are completely Tickled Pink that you found us…………lovers of sparkly-ness with Day Jobs are Much Needed……..coming to visit you on the Internet when we get a spare moment to drift and dream later.

      How delicious.


      _tg xx

  3. 1904 says:

    What a difference a year makes! So much has happened, so much ground covered on the road to happy destiny, congratualtions my darling!

  4. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary and lots of luck with whatever is About to happen.

  5. Happy Anniversary darling – and what a year! And what a joy to be part of your Team. This is such a stimulating, poetic, affirming and exciting blog, and to see your daily life and wonderful city documented beautifully in your photos is always delicious.

    There is so much more excitement still to come – can’t wait!

    Lots of love. W xx

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